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TNEB Online Bill Payment, How to Check Consumer Number, Bill Calculator, Status


TNEB Payment

Are you from Tamilnadu wants to make TNEB Bill payment online ? We’ve given step by step instructions to pay electricity bill online in tamilnadu, check reading status on mobile, how much bill and also to download tneb mobile app.

This allow consumers to avoid waiting in the long queue in front of TNEB Offices, also saves time & energy. TNEBNET.org online bill payment.

As you all know already, Electricity bill in tamilnadu is calculated once every two months just like any other state in India.

It involves a reader from TNEB visiting your house to note electricity consumption for last two months period, then the bill will be generated.

When the TNEB electricity bill is generated, it has due date of maximum 10 days from the last date.

Nowadays, the Tamilnadu Electricity Board collects fine when you pay over due date, so it is advisable that you pay EB bills within the last date.

If still the bills are not paid, then the fuse will be removed from your EB meter, so the electricity connection will be disconnected.

Extra fines will be levied till you pay tneb bill to the office, you cannot go online and make payment once the last date is over.

How to Pay TNEB Bill Online ?

    • Visit TNEB Online Portal – Click Here
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        • After successful login, you’ll be shown with the Consumer Nos, Name, Address and Bill Amount with Due date.
        • tneb bill status,tneb paymentClick PAY BILL to make payment for your tneb consumer  number.
        • Login with your Username & Password
      • On your next page, you’ll be shown with option to choose Debit / Credit / Netbanking options , select your preferred mode of payment.
      • Complete TNEB Online bill payment to get your receipt as PDF, that you can save to keep for reference.

Once this is done.

You’ve successfully paid your tamilnadu electricity bill online on the official website of tnebnet.org .

TNEB Bill Status on Mobile :

Consumers can also get TNEB bill status in TANGEDCO mobile app which is available for android phones.

In case if you don’t have the app, you may download tangedco mobile app from Play Store here.

How to get TNEB Bill Status via SMS :

All consumers of TNEB are sent SMS with Due amount, Due Date whenever a new bill is generated.

So if you haven’t got tneb bill status sms yet ? please contact nearby tneb office.

Check TNEB Consumer Number :

Don’t know how to check TNEB consumer number to pay bill online ? well, you can check that easily by checking last month or previous EB bill receipt.

In that you’ll be able to note down TANGEDCO consumer number for your home / connection.

Don’t Pay extra with TNEB Bill:

Sometime when you visit TN EB office to pay bills, they ask extra Rs.10  / Rs.20 , it happens in some places, don’t do that.

Only pay the amount that you see in your tangedco electricity bill.

If in case if you’ve any doubts or questions regarding how to pay EB bill online ? or face any errors / issues when making payment on TNEB online portal ?

Do share your concern on comments, we’ll try to find solutions as early as possible. If you think this has helped you ? Share with your friends on facebook, whatsapp, so they too can pay tneb bill online hereafter .


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