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We’ve started My Kalvi to address some of issues / concerns faced by students community. Because when we were in similar stage after completing Higher Secondary education, we faced various obstacles and we want no other students to face it any more.

We have been following education system in our country for past ten years and there’s still a lot to be done from government & Institution’s side.

Why We Started?

Our passion for the Digital Media is what lead us to launch our education news site. We have noticed that in recent times the growing amount of frauds and misleading advertisement, articles has gradually affected our education system.

Many “experts” out there provide misleading statements or marketing gimmicks regarding Career scope for students to take up courses.We believe that these “experts” providing misleading news has been a major factor behind these online frauds. Thus it was inevitable that we spread our knowledge to the world and so MyKalvi was launched.

Our Goal!

If even one of our reader find our articles useful for their higher education in choosing best institute / courses / career option, we would treat it as a success.

We strive to be the most reliable and trustworthy publication in the Education & Technology space in our region. We believe the essential part of maintaining our audience’s trust is adhering to strong journalistic and business ethics, we cherish the value of honesty the most. We do not and will not publish any inaccurate and untimely news.

About Our Writers

We have an exceptional team of writers on board who possess the highest level of integrity and independence. Being Teaching enthusiasts for so many years it comes naturally to every writer at MyKalvi, the ability of understanding and exploring the subject matter and providing an unbiased opinion thereon enables us to present the news in its original form. Our team aims to create quality oriented content.

Our Vision

Our vision is solely focussed on protecting each and every reader from being manipulated. We do not ask you to Join any particular Course, Institution. We only focus on providing our readers with the latest news from the Education & Technology surrounding students community around the world in the exact way it happens. The rest we entrust upon our fellow readers.

Our Mission

To Inform all our readers with all the latest education news from regional & national university, govt & science/ tech surrounding students. Feel free to contact us at any time, we are always here for you.