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{New} TNDTE October 2019 Exam Time Table for K/L/M Scheme


TNDTE exam time table for October / Nov 2019 of K / L / M Scheme has been released for 1st sem, 2nd to 6th semester candidates of all tn diploma colleges in tamilnadu.

{ Uploaded }Fast Download official tndte diploma time table 2019 available for practical and theory examinations.

Tamilnadu Polytechnic exam time table for K / L / M Schemes for 1st year, 2nd year and final year students .

Download TNDTE Exam Time Table 2019

TNDTE 1st Year Time Table ( 1st Sem, 2nd Sem ) : Download

TNDTE Mechanical Time Table 2019 : Download

TNDET Computer Science Time Table 2019 : Download

TNDTE EEE Time Table 2019 : Download

TNDTE Civil Time Table 2019 : Download

1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester, 4th semester, 5th semester, 6th semester exam schedules are all updated.

Diploma Schemes Getting Schedules Released :

TNDTE Time Table for K Scheme Oct 2019

TNDTE Time Table for L Scheme Oct 2019

TNDTE Time Table for M Scheme Oct 2019

TN DTE DIPLOMA TIME TABLE : Website ( Updated )


  • Issue of Hall Ticket for October 2019 Exam for 2nd to final semester : Oct 4th
  • Issue of Hall Tickte for Nov 2019 1st Sem Exam : Nov 3,
  • Tamilnadu Diploma Exam Starts on : OCTOBER 24,
  • Declaration of TNDTE Result 2019 : December 27,

Tamilnadu Directorate of Technical Education has released instructions for colleges stating

Internal Marks Entry

  • The Internal Marks Entry portal will be available only upto 03.2016. The Hard Copy Report watermarked as DOTE Copy (to be taken from 29.03.2016 to 31.03.2016) only (signed by the Principal in all pages, in a single booklet form) is to be submitted to DOTE.
  • Internal Marks Entry Portal will be powered down on 31.03.2016. Hence do not forget to take hard copies (watermarked with DOTE Copy) from 29.03.2016 to 31.03.2016 and submit the same, in softbound form, with manual internal marksheets (if any), to DOTE Computer Center in person on or before 31.03.2016.

Practical Panels

  • The date of Practical Examination must be entered in the online practical schedule entry portal only after obtaining proper confirmation from the concerned external examiners.
  • Practical Panel of all Institutions to whom Readiness Certificates are submitted by the concerned Flying Squad are available in the FTP website.
  • For minor and special courses, the practical panel will be released separately.
  • On any account, staff members debarred for Oct 2017 Board Examination should not be permitted to take up any examination related assignments.
  • Practical Examinations can also be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays, with prior intimation to Flying Squad.
  • Both internal examiners and external examiners should be qualified as per AICTE/DOTE Norms (Minimum Qualification for SF Institutions & SF Courses in Aided Institutions: B.E. for Engineering, M.A/M.Sc for Non-Engineering).

TNDTE Time Table for Practical Exams 2019:

Online Practical Marks Entry Portal

  • The URL for online practical marks entry portal is K scheme and L Scheme candidates. M scheme candidates.

M scheme is spelt as L scheme in the portal only.

  • Marks of First Semester & Second Semester ‘M’ Scheme practical subjects, are to be entered in and for all other candidates, marks are to be entered in
  • If any eligible candidate is missing in both the portals, kindly submit the marks using Practical Manual Mark Statement.
  • For any correction related to Online Practical Mark Entry, please use the Post Your Request option available in the portal. Please do not send any e-mail/repeated requests in this regard.
  • After ensuring that all online practical mark text boxes are filled with green colour, please press Confirm to submit and close the practical code.

TNDTE Exam Hall Ticket 2019 :

Final Nominal Roll & Hall Ticket

  • Under no circumstances, practical examination should be commenced without receipt of Final Nominal Roll, Hall Ticket and Practical Panel.
  • No manual correction (like name of the student, date of birth and column numbers etc) in Final Nominal Roll and Hall Ticket is permitted.
  • Pasting photo manually in NR and Hall ticket is not permitted.

Softcopies of Nominal Roll, TNDTE Hall Ticket and Practical Panels

  • All the Institutions are requested to preserve the soft copies downloaded from the DOTE’s website (such as final nominal roll, hall ticket, practical panels, chief superintendent order, additional chief superintendent order, invigilators list etc) for records and future reference.

tndte board exam time table 2019 october exams for first / second/ third year .

tndte diploma first year time table for practical exams 2019

Additional Panel & Alternate Panel

  • Please contact External Examiners of all practical subjects. If any change in Internal / External Examiner (only on genuine reasons such as resigned, on medical leave etc) is required, please contact the Nodal Officer.
  • The Nodal Officer will suggest suitable alternate examiners for that practical subjects. Please fill-up the NEWCC.01 (Apr 2017) form mentioning the correct staff id and name of the alternate examiners and get the signature of the Nodal Officer. Scan the form and send it to dote.ro3.rk@gmail.com.
  • Only on receipt of revised panels from DoTE, examination for that subject is to be scheduled. Supporting documents (i.e. letter from the External Examiner or Principal of the External Examiner) need not be e-mailed. Please send a consolidate request. Do not send the request for each alternate panel.
  • Consolidated Request for Additional Panel is to be done using form NEWCC.02 (Apr 2017). Counter Signature of Nodal Officer is not required for Additional panel.
  • Please send scanned copies of NEWCC.01 and NEWCC.02 to dote.ro3.rk@gmail.com. Please scan the documents with 200 dpi / black & white gray scale / less than 30 KB per page).
  • Do not send documents in colour / higher resolution (i.e. huge attachments). Before sending any attachments, preview them and ensure their readability. Original forms need not be submitted to DOTE.
  • Please send the e-mail only from the official e-mail id of the Institution.
  • While sending e-mail please include institution code in the subject line and institution code, name of the institution and contact mobile number in the body of the e-mail.
  • Please do not come in person to DOTE to collect alternate / additional practical panels. Alternate / Additional Practical Panels will be e-mailed to the Institutions in a phased manner.
  • Please do not send multiple e-mails with the same content. E-mails requesting Alternate / Additional Practical Panels will be processed within a reasonable time. Please do not send repeated reminders within 2 to 3 days.

tndte time table,tndte board exam time table,tn diploma time table,tamilnadu diploma,Submission of TNDTE exam Practical Code Covers

  • Practical code covers arranged in the order of regulation, course code and subject code are to be submitted to DOTE computer centre only after completing the entry of all practical examinations.
  • Submission of Practical Code Covers in batches is not permitted.
  • The last date for submission of Practical Code cover at DOTE Computer Center (in person) is 11-05-2016 (Wednesday). Practical Code covers will not be accepted after this due date and results of such Institutions will not be published.

Tndte first year time table 2019

Tndte polytechnic time table 2019

Tndte second year polytechnic time table 2019

Online Practical Schedule Entry & Question Paper Download

  • As in the October 2019 Board Examination, the Practical Exam question paper download is protected with 3-tier security:
  1. Log-on to the website.
  2. Individual Password for QP Download.
  3. Decryption Password ( sent to External Examiner through SMS ) for opening PDF files .
  • The URL for online practical schedule entry and question paper download website is
  • For 4th and 6th semester Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication and Computer FULL TIME REGULAR (L SCHEME) students, examination is to conducted using the online question paper only.
  • Schedule for all practical examination should be entered before commencement. It is not possible to enter starting date of a practical examination before the current date.
  • After entering the practical schedule for a particular examination, download button (if applicable) will be enabled only on the starting day of the examination. For example, if a practical examination is scheduled from 23.03.2017 to 25.03.2017. Entering and confirming the above dates, will enable the Download button at 00:00 hours of 23.03.2017.
  • If question paper for a particular eligible student is not found in the downloaded file, he/she must be included in the last batch and must be asked to select one question.
  • Do not take multiple copies of the question paper.
  • All machines must be in working condition during Board Practical Examination

Download Official Notification : Click Here

Official website ; www.tndte.com

TNDTE Time table for OCT exams


You may also check www.tndte.com diploma time table for 2nd sem, 4th sem, 6th semester exams october 2019 . If you’re final year student looking for admissions into B.E / B.Tech engineering , check tnea direct 2nd year admissions 2019 .

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