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BSNL FTTH Speed Test: How Fast is BSNL Fiber / BharatNet 100Mbps?


Know how fast is BSNL FTTH Fiber connection is on the 100Mbps plan which is now rolled out as BharatNet across India.

BSNL has been offering Fiber internet service for a long time but recently in order to connect rural villages with high speed internet connection, BharatNet has been introduced by Indian Govt.

Now not only BSNL is giving fiber internet service directly, it partners with local cable tv operators to expand the reach further into every villages.

So, if you’re from City or Town or village, the speed would be more or less same with little differences since it’s not coaxial cable which is used for broadband service but fiber line where data loss is minimal.

How Fast is BSNL FTTH ?

I’ve checked BSNL FTTH speed on a 100Mbps connection, but the speed varies at different time.

I run the test on www.speedtest.net

Here’s the result,

As you can see,

  • Download Speed : 81.83 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 80.13 Mbps
  • Ping: 20ms

I’ve changed Server to Puducherry, Vellore, Chennai, Coimbatore, the highest speed result i got was with Pondicherry.

It reached 92.4 Mbps download speed, 95 Mbps upload speed the highest ever i got to test ever.

On the BSNL FTTH 777 Plan, you would get 50 Mbps download/upload speed, there’s even higher plan out there if you want.

Though the 100Mbps plan costs Rs.1277, when you add 18% tax, it comes close to Rs.1500.

Cost wise, you have better option with Airtel, ACT or other , BSNL has to work on pricing strategy.

When you have better service from private Fiber internet service providers, why would a customer sign up BSNL FTTH ?

In addition to it, one has to visit BSNL office, fill up forms, and wait for many days before the line would be set up.

When it comes to private companies like Airtel Broadband, they do everything online, all it take is less than 24 hours to install & complete the activation. Very fast!

But if you’re not from city and looking for best high speed internet service in your area, don’t miss BSNL FTTH.

Though the choices are less to no in rural areas, if you’re from any city, chances are you already have ACT, jio fiber, Hathaway, and many others offering high speed fiber internet service.

But getting 100Mbps speed internet service in village is like dream comes true moment for many.

If you’re already using BSNL Bharatnet / FTTH ? Do post how fast is your internet out there in comment section.


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