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TN Patta Name Transfer Online 2019 | How to Apply The Easiest Way for Free!


Patta Vanguvadhu Eppadi or How to get Patta Copy or change patta name is one of most sought help from users in Tamil Nadu after land registration is done.

If you want to change patta name with sub division survey number for single or joint patta for the recently purchased plot or land, here’s how todo it.

Procedure to Apply for Patta Transfer :

Before you get to Tashildhar office , here’s what are the documents required to apply for Patta name change online.

Documents Required for Patta Name Change:

  • Land Register Document ( Patthiram )
  • Encumbrance Certificate ( EC or Villangam )
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Chalan – Fee paid to Bank ( Rs.40/ survey number )
  • Online Patta Transfer Form ( Applied through E-Sevai Maiyam )

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How to Apply for Patta Name transfer :

  1. First of all you need to note down Survey Number of your land / plot, visit to near by e-Sevai Maiyam and apply for Patta Change online
  2. Get Copy of document you applied in e-sevai maiyam , you’ll also get confirmation to your mobile number
  3. Visit Tasildhar Office, get Chalan from Revenue dept section, Fill it with Survey Number you want the land to change patta for, enter amount you want to pay BANK which is Rs.40 per survey number. get Date Seal in Treasury , Revenue, Land Survey dept ( total 3 seals )
  4. Visit nearby SBI bank-> make payment -> two copies will be taken by Bank and one will be given to you.
  5. Now take Xerox copy of all the land document, EC, e-sevai maiyam document, aadhar, and submit to Land Survey Department in Tasildhar office.

They’ll take it and it will be forwarded to Surveyor / Village Administrative Officer to visit, survey land and allot new Survey/ Patta number with your own Name.

tamilnadu patta name transfer onlineSo this is how the Patta name change process works.

There are many users complaining that VAO and Surveyor asks for anywhere between Rs.3000 to Rs.6000 bribe to change Patta name for single land doc.

But there are ways you can follow to avoid those bribe and get your patta name transferred without giving any single rupee.

Once you’ve submitted Patta Transfer request document in Tasildhar office, wait for 30 days, and if you haven’t got any response from Surveyor or VAO, file an RTI asking for the status of the name change.

Don’t forgot to mention your Application number as provided in the document you got from e sevai maiyam.

If you want, we can upload a sample document which you can use to write an RTI application.

Another way is if VAO still adamant in getting money for the work, inform vigilance and get him arrested :)

Hope this helps, if you need any help in how to apply or in any other process , let us know in comment section.


  1. Hi Vasu,

    How long it will take to get new Patta from the taulk office(EGMORE). Only xerox copies of land documents enough to get the patta or need to show the original land document.


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