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{Solved} Can’t Connect to App Store iPhone Fix: Access Your App Store


Are you getting error ” Cannot Connect to App Store ” on your iPhone /iPad ? Here’s how to fix & access App Store.

The reason why you’re getting the message might be for following reasons as per official apple guides.

cant connect to app store fix

Why Can’t i Connect to App Store?

Answer: Change your Country/Region on your apple account.

When you try to access your account, it’ll ask “Apple ID & Password” but when you enter the details, you’ll see ” Error connecting to Apple ID server”

To remove this error message and connect to App Store to download apps, all you need to do is change country via iPhone or connect your phone to laptop ( itunes ) .

Or you may also open iCloud.com and do make those changes.

If you’re in another country apple might show you this error. You cannot access App Store unless you change your Region to current country where you’re in.

How to Change Region on Apple account ?

  1. Visit icloud.com
  2. Login with your Apple ID/Password
  3. Goto your Profile > Change Country/Region
  4. Confirm your Phone Number / Credit card details ( or select None )
  5. Save it & you’re done.

Now, access App Store on your iPhone with no issues.

Some users face this issue even remaining in same country. For those people, please check if there’s any changes in Country section.

Try changing password.

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