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How to get Custom URL on Youtube 2019, 3 Eligibility Criteria


Here’s how to get a custom URL for your Youtube Channel and also check 4 eligibility criteria required to change your youtube username.

Youtube allows you to pick a vanity name or custom name for your channel which is easy to remember once you met 4 eligibility criteria.

Eligibility for Custom URL on Youtube

  1. Your channel must have 100 or more subscribers
  2. Should have completed 30 days
  3. Upload Channel Art / Photo

If you have met all these three points, then you’re eligible to claim your custom youtube channel url.

Get Custom URL on Youtube

If you’ve a youtube channel that has lengthy URL you may change it to your own liking,

  1. Goto Youtube Advanced Setting Page : Click Here
  2. See if you’re eligible to get Custom URL, click “Claim it Here” option

3. You’ll see a pop-up showing to choose custom name for your channel

4. Now, select an option, you may also add suffix to your channel name if you want, and click ” Change URL

5. Next, click ” Confirm Choice” to claim your youtube channel name.

Once you click Confirm Choice, your channel will be loaded, and if in case if you see ” Channel Doesn’t exist” error message, don’t panic.

Reload your channel, and you’ll see all your uploaded videos.

Change Youtube Username/ URL:

For those who wants to change Youtube custom url , please do follow the same step given above.

You’re allowed to change Custom URL only once.

If you can see “Claim URL Here” option on Advanced Settings page?

you are eligible to change the channel name again.

I’ve tested with one of my channel, but i couldn’t change the URL.

So, please do carefully pick custom URL, you can’t change it many times.

Hope this tutorial on How to change / claim your custom URL on youtube helps. Do share with your friends.


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