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How Much is Blue Sattai Maran Making from Youtube? Is it Rs.3.2 Lakhs Per Month ?


Here in this post, you’ll know How Much Money is Blue Sattai Maran makes from his Youtube Channel Tamil Talkies.

As per report from Blue Sattai Maran’s Youtube Income published on Bloggers Crunch, here’s how much he’s generating from Youtube.

In Tamilnadu, at least two movies get released every week, if we consider two reviews published per week, then the total per month comes to around 8-10.

Let’s take only 8 videos into calculation, and as per many youtubers report and data available on the internet and popular analysis platform SocialBlade,

Every 1000 views earn at least $1,

Each video generates 200,000 videos at the minimum count,



1 Video = $200

Now, lets give this to 8,

8 * 200 = $1600 ( Rs.1,11000 )

So only from Youtube, Tamil Talkies earns Rs.1,00,000 at the least.

What other sources does Maran earns from ?

Biggest source of income would be from Promotions / Sponsors.

Nowadays, Cinema Reviewers review products more than the movie itself.

Blue Sattai maran is no exception, eveyone has to survive but there’s limit to not overdo irritating viewers.

The math is simple,

If the Tamil Talkies is charging Rs.20,000 per Movie promo or Product advertisement being shown in the Review,

As we have taken total video per month to 8,

Let’s assume he has 2 promo per video though in some review the number is high and in other its less. So let’s take average as two sponsors per video.

You’ll get Rs.40,000 per Video from Sponsors alone,

So, 8 * 40000 = Rs.3,20,000

From movies & product promos, Blue Sattai maran’s Tamil Takise makes around Rs.3.2 lakhs per month.

Is there any other method the channel earns money from ?

Apart from Movie promos & Youtube ad revenue, there’s a chance that earning may also be coming from Affiliate Commission, if the product promoted is of that type.

So whenever a user buys a product, a small commission is earned to Tamil Talkies.

Let’s ignore other form of earnings like if they take money to say positive or negative about a movie.

From Youtube Earnings & Sponsors, Blue Sattai Maran earns at least Rs.1.5 – 3 lakhs per month.

Not a bad earnings for a 4 minutes video without any cost like right ?

What do you think about Blue Sattai Maran’s Review & What’s your thought on his earnings. Do post it on comments.


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