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How Many Debris Were Created in Space by India’s ASAT Missile Test


Anti Satellite Missile Test conducted by India’s DRDO has created debris which U.S believes would be a threat to ISS in Space.

India conducted successful Anti Satellite Missile test on March 27th, 2019 which was later announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an address to the nation.

How Many Debris were created by ASAT Test ?

Though one cannot track every particle that was created as a result of this ASAT test.

U.S’s NASA has tracked down 400+ objects with size range from 10cm + in the Low Earth Orbit.

According to the report by TheGuardian, NASA claims to have found 400 debris have been created by India’s Anti Missile Test.

“It’s Terrible, terrible thing to do in space” said NASA’s chief Tim, as of now there are more than 28000 debris in space.

While India is 4th nation to have achieved this ASAT technology, the third country to test ASAT was China, which created 4000+ debris in space.

Many Satellite launching companies also fears that what India has done is going to affect all players in the space.

As there are 1900 operational satellites in Space, there are 500 satellites operational in Low Earth Orbit alone.

NASA & other organizations are already having tough time to find a solution to minimize number of debris.

The other primary reason why NASA have concern is, the International Space Station which is at an altitude of 350-400KM above earth.

The debris created by ASAT has apogee of ISS orbit, so the possibility to hit ISS has increased to 44% according to NASA.


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