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Flipkart vs Amazon: Who Offers Best Deals for Republic Day 2019


India’s biggest ecommerce sites both Amazon & Flipkart has announced their online shopping deals for Republic Day 2019, Amazon Great Indian Sale 2019 and Big Republic Day 2019 Deals starts January 20th, through 23rd, 2019.

Just like every year, there has been huge promotions being done on TV’s, NewsPaper, Social Media platforms to bring in customers to their site.

I would like to be frank with who offers best deals when compared Amazon vs Flipkart.

It’s Flipkart

Yes, you get great discounts on Flipkart than what it is on Amazon.

Let’s take some categories,


TV’s are definitely cheaper on Flipkart than on Amazon, let’s take some examples,

Vu TV, Mi TV, MarQ by Flipkart, iFallconn

All these TV’s are at huge discounts which when we compare with the likes of TV’s on Amazon, there’s huge difference in Price.

You would spend more on Amazon than on Flipkart if you’re going to buy TV.


Same comes to Appliances like AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven,

You’ll be easily find product with same or high spec at way cheaper price on Flipkart.

Mobile Phones:

It is one of most hot category where everyone wants to be the number one in selling most phones in India.

Though Amazon & Flipkart both have their own Exclusive line of phones, it’s Flipkart in the budget category with Redmi, Honor Series and Amazon wins in Premium category with the OnePlus 6T for example.

What’s my View

What i would do when i usually make purchase any product is, do a cross check on both or even on other platforms if i could get the same item for lesser price.

So as a consumer, you should do the same.

If you’re looking for best water purifier or air purifier, do a search on all ecommerce sites, don’t just blindly spend money on Amazon or Flipkart.

There are thousands of products we can find cheaper on Flipkart and vice versa.

So, it’s not the same on both sites.

Republic Day 2019 is coming, Flipkart is gearing up with huge discount offers and Amazon Great Indian Sale 2019 is offering great deals as well.

Which products are you going to buy this Republic Day 2019?


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