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Apex Legends for Android, iOS Phones Download Release Date {Game}


Here’s How to Download Apex Legends Game for Android & iOS devices as it is right now available only on Sony PS4, Xbox consoles & PC as Free to Play.

For now, as you know Fortnight and PUBG are the top multiplayer games with millions of daily active users.

Apex Legends Release Date for Android/iOS:

Released by EA, developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends expected to release its mobile version of the game in 2nd quarter of 2019.

Release Date: Q2 2019

Apex Legends was released two weeks ago and it already crossed 25 million players in the first week itself.

As per announcement made by its CEO Vince Zampella, in the first weekend Apex Legends had 2 million concurrent players, a good start isn’t it.

Apex Legends for Android (Apk)

As per company’s official release, it’s available for Sony Play Station and Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles, and also PC users. When it will be released for Android on Google Play Store ?

It is expected Respawn Entertainment will release Apex Legends on Google Play Store in 2nd quarter of 2019.

How to Download for Android Phones:

  • Visit Official Google Play Store from your phone
  • Download & Install it
  • Open Apex Legends & Register
  • Start playing it.

Apex Legends for iOS

When it comes to Games, majority of the game developers release it for Android than iPhones.

Though there are some exceptions, Apex Legends would come first to Google Play, so that Android users can download & jump into it.

So, when will Apex Legends game be released on iTunes for iPhones ?

There’s no timeline given, may be there’s a chance that the game gets released simultaneously on both Play Store & App Store.

But as per news the company would publish it for iOS devices in the late 2019.

How to Download for iOS Devices

  • Simple – Visit App Store Link ( to be updated )
  • Download & Complete Installation
  • Open the Apex Legends game
  • Complete Sign Up
  • Start playing!

It’s so simple as that.

If you hear Apex Legends for the first time, and want to try it before it comes to Android & iOS platforms ?

Well, you may download Apex Legend for PC from here

You may Play it for free as it comes with EA Subscription plan, head over to EA.

Alternative to PUBG & Fortnight

It is gaining so much attention & user base that many gamers have really moved from Fortnight & PUBG, and on social platforms like Reddit, twitter, people praise the game play and even claim Apex Legend is best alternative to PUBG & Fortnight game.

About Apex Legends Game:

Apex Legends is a Action & Shooting multiplayer game, with innovative battle field, you build a crew with unique skills, frame strategy with your team, jump into combat, conquer fame & fortune.


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