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Anna University Arrear Exam Time Table for Feb 2018( Last Chance )

Anna University arrear exam time table 2018 has been released for those who exhausted maximum duration of time to permit them appear for only 2 semesters.

Download official notification for the UG/PG Full / Part time students under various regulations to check whether you’re allowed to write exam or not.

Anna University Arrear Exam Notification 2018

Students who belongs to Regulation 2008 may download anna university exam schedule for FEB 2018 exam online.

FEB 2018 Exam Centre Notification ( New ) : Download Here

If you’ve exceeded maximum limit to apply for anna univ exams, you may download the above given notification to check exam centre for the exam which will be conducted in the month February 2018 .

New Notification is as follows, : Official Notification : Download Here

  • Based on the earlier notification issued in 26553/COE/C10/2017 dated 24.08.2017 by the University, a number of representations have been received from the parents and students, who have not yet completed their degree programme within the maximum duration as per their Regulations of Anna University, in spite of additional grace period extended, requesting the University for the further extension of time to complete their course. The Government has taken a humanitarian ground in order to help the students to write their arrear examination as a special case.
  • Accordingly the following categories of students who have exhausted the maximum duration as per this regulation will be permitted to write their arrear examination, only for two semesters as a special case (Tentatively starting from Feb 18, 2018 / Aug 18, 2018 onwards).

Category 1 : Students of University Departments of Anna University, Chennai admitted in the Academic Year 2000 onwards (both UG & PG under Full Time & Part Time Mode).

Category 2 : Students of Affiliated Colleges of Anna University and students admitted in the affiliated college at the time of admission i.e. during Academic Year 2001 (3rd Semester onwards) & 2002 (1st Semester onwards) and currently in Autonomous ones including Distance Education offered by Anna University.

The following instructions will be followed to conduct the above Examination:-

  1. A special fee of Rs.5000 /- will be collected from the students along with normal examination fee as prescribed by the University for each paper.
  2. Examination will be conducted in one centre in every district.
  3.  The Office of the Controller of Examinations will provide facilities for the student’s registration of subjects, choice of examination centre and mode of payment through online etc. for the smooth conduct of examination.
  4. Examinations will be conducted only for registered subjects- that are received by the office of the Controller of Examinations – on or before the due dates.
  5. Based on the registration of subjects the schedule of examination will be announced later.
  6. This is a final chance and no further extension of time will be given to the students from this category on any account. Students are therefore requested to utilize this chance properly.

Source: www.coe1.annauniv.edu

So students who were admitted during the year mentioned will be able to appear for the arrear exam.

It’s a good news for many thousands of students who were requesting anna university to give last chance to extend the permission to write arrear exam or in other words complete the degree.

Check : Anna University Last Chance to Appear for Arrear Exam

If you’re one among those students, you may take a final chance and complete the pending backlogs.

So prepare well for the Feb 2018 exam and clear the arrear papers.

Anna university won’t give another chance for sure to write the uncompleted arrear exam.

Also Check No Extension to Appear for Nov/Dec 2017 Exam

Download anna university time table for april/may 2017 exams from official website of anna university.


Anna Univeristy has announced that students who’ve already exceeded maximum number of attempts to clear arrear exam cannot be allowed to write current nov/dec 2017 arrear exams .

Do Know Anna University Internal Marks Assessment Schedule for nov dec exams 2017.

Please check the official announcement we’ve mentioned above.

Time Table for anna university ug pg april may 2018 exams published already on its official website : www.annauniv.edu.

If you’ve completed B.E / B.Tech already but still have arrears in Regulation 2008 ?

Anna University Regulation 2010 | Regulation 2011 | Regulation 2014 Students all can appear for the current odd semester i.e.) November / december 2017 and January 2018 examinations.

Anna University reg 2008 arrear time table, reg 2014 arrear exams , and all previous regulations can be downloaded online from the anna university coe portal.

You may head over to the above  mentioned official anna univ portal and download the time table .

It is only very few days left before the commencement of anna university examinations for this even semesters.

Usually anna university 8th semester time table gets released first as they’ll appear for final year exam but now all exam schedules are available.

Also they’re the one who would get to see anna university 8th sem results 2018 for april exam first.

Not only just for REG 2008 but all other regulations can also get their exam schedule.

Don’t get confused with Chennai, trichy, tirunelveli, madurai, coimbatore zone.

Anna university releases time table for all zones if you belong to Regulation 2008, it is same for all zones.

Should you have any doubt on anna university arrear exam time table 2018 for who completed degree ? Post it on comments.

Complete anna university exam schedule 2018 for all arrear examinations posted online.


  1. Hi Mykalvi Team. I have one doubt. I have an arrear .5 papers.Is it possible to write exam on august or any other options. pls tel me team.and when the notify ll be started for august exam.and no of arrears is not a matter to attend this exam.i want to know clear information update me ASAP.

  2. I am ME VLSI design 2013 regulation…I completed in 2015 but I am having one arrear paper …how can I attend exam…is there possible to attend exam

  3. I have 2 papers to clear. While I can attend one of the paper in feb, I am out of country which cannot be avoided and cannot write the other paper. Is my understanding correct that there is one more chance given in August also apart from February. Please clarify.

  4. i have one practical paper arrear…will u guys let me know the time table of practical exams and were i can write those in my center or at my college

    • I don’t think Anna University has announced anything for those who completed degree in 2005. We’ll update the page when Anna University officially publishes the notification.

  5. Sir,I am 2010-2014 batch, but I have 1 paper arrear,so pls kindly help me to know pay the exam fees…pls kindly help me….

  6. i have completed in 2008 to 2012 batch is it possible me to attend the exam in nov/dec 2017 i have 2 paper m-3 and web tech plz help me to complete my exam intimate me about fees and how to pay and about time table

    but i followed you web site but i cant get a clear idea
    tat you have informed tat v have two chance on 2018 feb and aug and one center for each distric i cant understand so v can write in this nov dec 2017 shedule r not plz clear me as soon as possible bcoz v need to pay fees so plz plz its my future ……..help me sir/madam

    • anna univ arrear time table is already available for download from the official anna university website. You may check it now.

  7. Dear Sir
    I joined Reg 2008-2012. I am having only one paper… Is there any chance to write exam in this time plz reply sir. But our reg 2008 time table came, exam fees date announced but here we r in so much trouble. Plz do any favour for us..

  8. I joined 2010 batch in aero engineering, i was not completed, can i write 2017-2018 arrear paper, please reply.
    Thank you…

  9. I joined 2010 batch in civil engineering, i was not completed, can i write 2017-2018 arrear paper, please reply.
    Thank you…

    • All batch student can write exam after course complete. but 7 years (4Yrs+3yrs) can write exam in their own academic college. after 7 years completed, the exam center only will change.


  11. Hai sir am r2008 student now i need nov- dec 2017 exam timetable.and exam.fees details please tell me thank yoi

  12. I joined 2010-2011 batch in BE mechanical , this year I was not completed all papers .
    This year is my 7th year .
    Can I write 2017-2018 , that is my 8th year , my arrear papers .
    Please reply .
    Thank you …

    • I joined 2011-2014 batch in B.tech information technology , this year I was not completed all papers .
      This year is my 4th year .
      Can I write 2017-2018 , my arrear papers .
      Please reply .
      Thank you …


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