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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Live Streaming | SpaceX Launch Video | NASA TV

SpaceX Launch Mission

NASA’s 2nd launch of SpaceX among 12 Scheduled / Contracted Spcae Launch with the Space Exploration Company SpaceX is all set to go Space today . The Countdown is running on the official website of NASA . ( nasa.gov/SpaceX ) .

SpaecX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch take place at the Space Launch Complex 40 , Cape Canaveral Air Force Station exactly at 10.10 AM E.S.T . The mission is to reSupply Scientific Research Experiments and Cargo to the International Space Station ( ISS ) above the earth surface.

Nasa has arranged for Live Streaming of the Mission SpaceX 2 Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Video on the official channel at http://www.nasa.gov/nTV . Those who are eager to watch the space x launch video may visit the site . Space X Rocket Carrying Dragon Capsule images are available on NASA .

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