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Anna University Recruitment for the Post of Junior Research Fellow – Textile Engineering


Post of Junior Research Fellow

Applications  are invited  from eligible  candidates  for the post of Junior   Research   Fellow (JRF)  to work  on a  project  entitled  “Development of Centrifugal Spinning Machine Prototype for  Production of Nanofibres   and  its Application    in Tissue Engineering ” at Department  of Textile  Technology.Anna  University,  Chennai  600025.  It ‘s a  project funded  by Department of Biotechnology (DBT),  New  Delhi,

Name of the Post : Junior Research Fellow ( 1.No )
Essential Qualification : M.Tech Textile Technology / Textile Engineering with B.E in Textile Technology with 60% or 6 CGPA in both courses .
Desired Qualification :  Gate Qualified Candidates with Experience in fabrication of Instruments
Duration  : 2 Years
Stipped Amount : Rs.16000 / month with HRA 30 % .


Textile  Fibres 

Classification  of textile  fibres: Essential  requirements  of fibre forming  polymers;  Gross and fine structure  of  natural   fibres  like  cotton,  wool  and  silk.  Introduction   lO   important  bast  fibres; properties  and uses of natural and man-made  fibres; physical  and chemical  methods  of fibre and blend  identification   and  blend  analysis. Molecular   architecture,   amorphous and crystalline phases,  glass  uansiticn.   plasticization,   crystallization,   melting.  factors  affecting   Tg  and  ‘I’m; Process of viscose and acetate  preparation.

Polymer Prcparntion

Polymerization   01′   nylon-S,   nylon-eri,   poly     (ethylene   tcrcphthalatc).  polyacrylonitrllc     and polypropylene;    Melt    Spinning    processes,   characteristic    features   of   Pc’I,  polyamide     And polypropylene   spinning;   wet  and  dry  spinning   01′  viscose  and  acrylic   fibres;  post  spinning operations such as drawing,  heat scuing, tow-to-top conversion  and different texturing mctbods,

Characterlsatiou   of Polymers

Methods  of investigating   fibre structure e.g,  Density.  X-ray diffraction,   birefringence.   optical and electron microscopy.  I.R. absorption,  thermal methods  (DSC.  DMI\/TMA.  1’01\):  structure and  morphology   of man-made fibres,  mechanical   properties of  fibres,  moisture   sorption   in fibres; fibre structure and properly  correlation.

Probability   and  Statistics

Mean, median,  mode and standard  deviation:  Random  variables;  Poisson,  normal  and binomial distributions;  Correlation  and regression  analysis  and Design of Experiments.


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