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JIO becoming Worst Mobile Operator in India: Will the Momentum Continue?


The launch of Mukesh Ambani’s Jio network made a lot of good deeds, no doubt about that, but is it getting to the same point of where companies after reaching its high position forgot the basic need of customers.

It seems so, Jio especially in Rural area has been facing huge issues of poor network signal, worst data speed, call drops are some of few to name.

When Jio started its operating offering free Mobile Data, not everyone switched their primary sim to JIO, majority of the people used it as secondary sim.

When years passed, users thought okay, the network seems good compared to others ( Airtel/Vodafone ), so many switched their primary sim to JIO.

Now, not everyone happy with that decision. Many regret of moving to JIO because of very poor network.

Even in towns and some cities, JIO users has been facing network issues, very often call drops, low data speed.

Even i’m experiencing the same with JIO, i’ve been going through hell of a terrible service for past few months.

When i want to call a number, i have to call at least 10 times to get connected only to get disconnected while in the middle of the call.

Not to tell the horrible experience of mobile data, speed has been below 1mbps.

JIO has become worst mobile operator with highly unreliable service, even after posting multiple tweets on social media, calling customer care numbers, there has been no sign of improving the network.

If it continues, i’m sure, it will go no where, and loose a lot of customers in the coming years.

Airtel is not good in data speed, but alteast they were providing good voice call service. But when you’re on JIO, you get poor voice & data both.

How is your experience with JIO so far ? Do let us know in comments.


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