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Apple iPad Mini Priced at $199 for Basic 8GB ?


Apple iPad Mini Price

Apple launches iPad Mini today ( Oct 23rd ) in an event at California at 10.oo Am . There are more crazyness going among apple fans , not about the specs but for the price point .

Update : iPAD Mini Unveiled – Price and Complete Features 

Yea, Apple Fans are something that they’ll buy anything released by Apple no matter what the price & the product is :) They simply love ” Apple ” the name itself enough for the Quality .

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There has been thousands of rumours spreaded about the iPad mini specs and prices ,but people focuses  more on the price front than the ipad mini featues .

iPad Mini Specs :

We don’t know How much it will cost for iPad Mini 64 GB ,but it will have 4G LTE Connectivity , but the iPad Mini will be 7 Inch , have Retina Display , Wi-Fi enabled , iOS 6 ( not sure ) , improved iTunes and many more.

 Those who’ve not able to afford the Costly gadget ” The iPad “ , have oppurtunity to get this 7.85 inch small boy mini iPad . Even though the price is not yet accurately known to anyone out of Apple campus  , there has been strong discussions going on about it , from the close source to apple, here is the expected price of apple mini ipad device .

How Much does iPad Mini Cost ?

According to a popular tech site ,

The devices price is expected to set 50 – 60 % Less than its predecessors ( iPad 2, the New iPad ) , so the very basic ( 8GB ) of ipad mini  is expected between $199 – $250 .

Wouldn’t you Love iPad mini at $199 cost ? , If it is to be happen true ,then sure Everyone will have an i pad mini this holiday season !

Competition for iPad Mini ?

As other makers are making tough competitions with release of even cheaper Tablets , like Google releases Nexus 7 for $199 ,and the recent release Microsoft Surface has made really a competition for Apple ipad mini devices .

Apple is the first Tech Company to make Devices in Small ( iPhone ) , Medium (  iPad Mini ) , Big ( iPad ) .

If you’re waiting for the ipad mini then which version you’re going to purchase ? is it 8GB or 16 GB or 32 GB or else 64 GB ?

So do What do you expect from iPad mini ? the features , the price  ?

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