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Control Systems Syllabus for 4th Semester ECE EC2255


Anna University Syllabus for ECE 4th Semester ” EC 2255 Control Systems ” ( CS ) . Share with your friends .

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Syllabus Info :
Subject     : Control Systems
Sub Code  : EC2255
Branch      : Electronics & Communication Engineering
Semester  : 4th Sem
Univ         :  Anna Univeresity & Affiliated College

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EC 2255                                       CONTROL SYSTEMS 


To familiarize the students with concepts related to the operation analysis and stabilization of control systems


  •  To understand the open loop and closed loop (feedback ) systems
    • To understand time domain and frequency domain analysis of control systems required for stability analysis.
    • To understand the compensation technique that can be used to stabilize control systems

UNIT I         CONTROL SYSTEM MODELING                                                                 9

Basic Elements of Control System – Open loop and Closed loop systems – Differential equation – Transfer function, Modeling of Electric systems, Translational and rotational mechanical systems – Block diagram reduction Techniques – Signal flow graph

UNIT II        TIME RESPONSE ANALYSIS                                                                      9

Time response analysis – First Order Systems – Impulse and Step Response analysis of second order systems – Steady state errors – P, PI, PD and PID Compensation, Analysis using MATLAB

UNIT III         FREQUENCY RESPONSE ANALYSIS                                                       9

Frequency Response – Bode Plot, Polar Plot, Nyquist Plot – Frequency Domain specifications from the plots – Constant M and N Circles – Nichol’s Chart – Use of Nichol’s Chart in Control System Analysis. Series, Parallel, series-parallel Compensators – Lead, Lag, and Lead Lag Compensators, Analysis using MATLAB.

UNIT IV          STABILITY ANALYSIS                                                                              9

Stability, Routh-Hurwitz Criterion, Root Locus Technique, Construction of Root Locus, Stability, Dominant Poles, Application of Root Locus Diagram – Nyquist Stability Criterion – Relative Stability, Analysis using MATLAB


State space representation of Continuous Time systems – State equations – Transfer function  from  State  Variable  Representation  –  Solutions  of  the  state  equations  – Concepts of Controllability and Observability – State space representation  for Discrete time systems. Sampled Data control systems – Sampling Theorem – Sample & Hold – Open loop & Closed loop sampled data systems.



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