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Apple iPad Mini Specs , Price Details


Apple iPad Mini

Apple is getting ready for its next release of the much anticipated iPad Mini Tablet , its become natural , What ever the device Apple release people more willing to get them one , for the reason Apple make it .

UPDATE : iPad Mini Reveiled Check Price , Complete Features

There are still apple fans out ther , who may not be able to hands on any of the previously released product , for its high price listings , to all of them Apple have a new product which is ” Apple iPad Mini ” , hope the price doesn’ t hurts you !

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iPad Mini Specs :

iPad mini is expected to have 7″ screen with Retina Display , also the rumours spreads it will sport A5 processor rather than latest A6 Processor ,

iPad Mini Price : the most discussed matter about the device is the PRICE of ipad mini , even though people strongly believe apple won’t compromise on Quality , yet they feel about the price more than the rest of the factor .

iPad Mini Price Details :

So , if you asked How much does an iPad Mini cost ?

According to the MobileGeeks , Apple ipad mini priced at $322 for Wifi only , there will also be 16 GB , 32 GB , 64 GB versions .

The costliest will be Apple iPad mini 64 GB at $650 as it is said to have 4G LTE , so the days are less , we will be able to know everything from the ipad mini price to the specs , and the pre-order takes on Oct 26th 2012 , while it will officially delivered to you from Nov 2, 2012 .

What do you think about iPad mini price and specs ? Do you think it will still caputre everyone’s heart ? As Microsoft Surface is getting ready for the Race .


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