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Anna University Time Table for Civil Engineering 6th 4th 2nd sem May/June 2014 Exams

Anna University time table for civil engineering b.e / b.tech may/june 2014 exams . Students who are in 4th sem, 6th sem and 2nd sem may download exam schedule for even semester exams.

Type    :    Exam Schedule
Sem      :    6th, 4th, 2nd & Arrear
Branch :   Civil Engineering
Degree  :  B.E / B.Tech

We’ve given zone wise time table for anna university students, now you may download branch wise exam dates for affiliated colleges regulation 2008 .

Anna Univ Civil Engg Time Table – DOWNLOAD

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SemesterSubject NameSubject CodeExam DateSession
01Mathematics – IMA211114-JUN-14FN
01Engineering GraphicsGE211116-JUN-14FN
01Fundamentals Of Computing And  Computer ProgrammingGE211217-JUN-14FN
01Engineering Chemistry – ICY211118-JUN-14FN
01Technical English IHS211119-JUN-14FN
01Engineering Physics – IPH211120-JUN-14FN
02Mathematics IIMA216116-JUN-14AN
02Engineering Chemistry IICY216117-JUN-14AN
02Basic Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGE215118-JUN-14AN
02Technical English IIHS216119-JUN-14AN
02Engineering MechanicsME215120-JUN-14AN
02Engineering Physics IIPH216121-JUN-14AN
03Environmental Science and EngineeringGE202104-JUN-14FN
03Mechanics Of SolidsCE220105-JUN-14FN
03Mechanics Of FluidsCE220206-JUN-14FN
03Construction Techniques, Equipment And PracticesCE220307-JUN-14FN
03Transforms and Partial Differential EquationsMA221109-JUN-14FN
03Applied GeologyAG221111-JUN-14FN
04Soil MechanicsCE225120-MAY-14AN
04Strength Of MaterialsCE225222-MAY-14AN
04Applied Hydraulics EngineeringCE225324-MAY-14AN
04Numerical MethodsMA226426-MAY-14AN
04Highway EngineeringCE225531-MAY-14AN
05Irrigation EngineeringCE230107-JUN-14AN
05Structural Analysis ICE230209-JUN-14AN
05Railways, Airports and Harbour EngineeringCE230310-JUN-14AN
05Environmental Engineering ICE230411-JUN-14AN
05Foundation EngineeringCE230512-JUN-14AN
05Design Of Reinforced Concrete ElementsCE230613-JUN-14AN
06Environmental Engineering – IICE235419-MAY-14AN
06Structural Analysis IICE235121-MAY-14AN
06Design Of Steel StructuresCE235223-MAY-14AN
06Construction Planning and SchedulingCE235326-MAY-14FN
06Remote Sensing Techniques And GisCE202428-MAY-14AN
06Total Quality ManagementGE202231-MAY-14FN
06Principles Of ManagementMG235102-JUN-14AN
06Indian Constitution and SocietyGE207204-JUN-14AN
06Electronic SurveyingCE202304-JUN-14AN
06Intellectual Property RightsGE207105-JUN-14AN
06Professional Ethics in EngineeringGE202506-JUN-14AN
07Design of Reinforced Concrete and Brick Masonry StructuresCE240119-MAY-14FN
07Industrial Waste ManagementCE203720-MAY-14FN
07Estimation and Quantity SurveyingCE240221-MAY-14FN
07Pavement EngineeringCE203222-MAY-14FN
07Prestressed Concrete StructuresCE240423-MAY-14FN
07Ground Improvement TechniquesCE203324-MAY-14FN
07Municipal Solid Waste And ManagementCE203927-MAY-14FN
07Traffic Engineering  and ManagementCE202628-MAY-14FN
07Water Resources EngineeringCE203129-MAY-14FN
07Contract Laws and RegulationsGE207329-MAY-14FN
07Ground Water EngineeringCE202829-MAY-14FN
07Coastal Zone ManagementCE203029-MAY-14FN
07Housing  Planning And  ManagementCE202730-MAY-14FN
07Management of Irrigation SystemsCE202930-MAY-14FN
07Basics of Dynamics and Aseismic DesignCE240330-MAY-14AN
07Air Pollution ManagementCE203802-JUN-14FN
07Environmental Impact Assessment of Civil Engineering ProjectsCE203603-JUN-14FN
07Housing  Planning And  ManagementCE202712-JUN-14FN
07Ecological EngineeringCE204013-JUN-14FN

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