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Anna University New Question Pattern for 7th Sem Nov/Dec 2018 Exams


Anna University has released Change in the Question Pattern for UG/PG Nov/Dec 2018 exams of UG/ PG students as per notification released in Sep 2018.

No one knows, when was the last time the Anna University made changes in the ” Question Pattern ” for Engineering exams .

Anna University New Question Pattern

Latest Updates:

  • UG Candidates those who are appearing for 7th semester under REG 2013 ( Regular & Arrear ) shall have the New Pattern of question paper except for Maths subjects.
  • Also some subjects of 7th sem are common with other sems. Exam for these subjects will also be conducted as per new question pattern.
  • Chance in 3rd sem question paper is already in place from Nov/dec 2016 exams.

New Question Paper Pattern for 7th Sem Nov/Dec 2018:

10×2=20 Marks ( Answer All )

5×13=65 Marks ( Answer All with either or choice )

1×15=15 Marks ( Either or Choice )

For case study type question there will be no choice.

The above new pattern is same as the existing pattern for 3rd sem exams.

Download Official Notification Here to know all the Subject Lists.

At last, they’ve wake up now . The new pattern may not be welcomed by all students but Anna University hope ; it will improve student’s skill & knowledge in the subject .

So, those who’re doing Anna University 3rd sem, 5th sem, 7th Sem along with newly admitted 1st semester will be given question papers as per the new format which we’ve given below,

Anna University New Question Pattern :

PART A : 2 Marks [ 10 x 2 = 20 ]

PART B : 13 Marks [ 5 x 13 = 65 ]

PART C  : 15 Marks [ 1 x 15 = 15 ] Case Study Logical Questions

Download Official Question Pattern : Click Here

What’s New in the  Change in the Question Pattern ?

UG Candidates those who are appearing for 6th semester under Regulations 2013 ( Both Regular & Arrear ) shall have the new pattern of question paper except for MATHS,

Also some subjects of 6th semester are common with other semesters.

Exams for these subjects are also to be conducted under New Pattern. The details are given below.

The change in the question pattern for 3rd semester exam has been notified already for Nov Dec 2018 exam dated 18/07/2016.


Students may download the anna university released new question pattern to check list of subjects / subject code to find out the subjects affected by the new announcements.

Recently on September 2nd week, Anna University has released 1st Sem Question Pattern also, apart from a revised question pattern for PG students which was made available a few week ago .

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As you probably aware of present day Engineering student’s post degree stage, everyone is facing hart time to ”

Get Right Job ” .

It’s not only the fact that, there is lack of companies & jobs but it is also a known fact that ” not all Engineering student come out as Engineers ” , they pass with Engineering Degree but to become Engineer – what really matter is ” Skills ” & ” Knowledge in the subject .

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So that’s what Anna University is trying to bring, the Change will really help students prepare well for the exams not only going through the FAQ , but also in depth about each and every topics .

Due to this change, the Anna University Results for Nov/Dec 2018 exam may not come out well, yes ; but a change is must nowadays.

So, if you’re an Engineering student of one of Affiliated colleges of Anna University ? , it’s time to wake up from usual studies, plan well – prepare well – rock on.


  1. If they what out come of good engineers than entrance exam for engineering will be enough, what is the need for additional questions in exam with reduced marks but same time(3 hrs) , this will help au to swallow students fee money. if au increases exam duration it will be a good for students also such that we will get best engineers


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