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IT 2352 Cryptography and Network Seecurity Anna University Important Questions for 7th sem IT

Anna University Important Questions for IT 2352

Get IT 2352 Cryptography and Network Security 7th Semester IT, Important Questions for Nov/Dec Exams 2012

Type            :   Questions

Sem              :    7th Semester

Subject       :    IT2352 Cryptography and Network Securiy

Branch        :    Information Technology

Exam           :     Nov/Dec 2012 [ ODD Sem ]

Univ             :    Anna Univ & Affiliated Colleges

Cryptography and Network Seecurity Important Questions :

IT2352 Cryptography and Network Security

2 Marks :
1.Explain the OSI security architecture along with the services available.
2.Explain in detail about different types of Substitution Techniques.
3.Discuss the classical cryptosystems and its types.
4. Describe Euler’s and Chinese Remainder theorem.
5.Describe the block cipher modes of operation in details.
6. Explain about the key Generation, Encryption & Decryption of DES algorithm in detail.
7. Explain in detail about DES, Triple & Double DES ?
8. Explain in detail about RSA algorithm perform encryption / decryption using RSA.
9.Write a detailed note on Digital Signatures.
10.Illustrate about the SHA algorithm in detail.

16 Marks :
11. Explain MD5 algorithm for generating Meddage digest With neat diagram.
12.Look For Diffie Hellman key exchange technique related problem.
13.Describe the SSl Architecture in detail.
14.List out the participants of SET system, and explain in detail.
15.Explain X.509 authentication service and its certificates.
16.Explain the services of PGP and function provided by S/MIME
17.Write in detail about Firewall
18.What is called a virus explain the different types of viruses in detail.
19. Explain the types of Intrusion Detection systems.
20.Explain in detail about Password management Schemes with neat diagram.

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