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Anna University Civil Engineering Time Table for Nov Dec 2016 Exams

Students of Anna university & affiliated colleges can download time table for Civil Engineering for the Nov/Dec 2016 ( odd ) exams of 1st – 8th sem including regular & arrear paper s.

Type         :   Exam Time Table
Semester  : 1st / 3rd / 5th / 7th ( Regular ) 2nd / 4th /6th / 8th ( Arrear )
Branch   :    Civil Engg ( CE )
University : Anna University, Chennai & its zone aff colleges
Exam Pattern : Nov/Dec 2016

Download Anna University Civil Engineering exam time table for 1st sem, 3rd sem, 5th sem, 7th sem of nov/dec 2016 .

Anna University Exam Time Table Download

Anna University Civil Engineering Time Table 2016

Semes Subject   Subject Name Exam
ter Code     Date
01 PH6151   Engineering Physics- I 28-NOV-16
01 CY6151   Engineering Chemistry- I 30-NOV-16
01 GE6151   Computer Programming 02-DEC-16
01 GE6152   Engineering Graphics 07-DEC-16
01 GE6152   Engineering Graphics* 07-DEC-16
01 HS6151   Technical English-I 09-DEC-16
01 MA6151   Mathematics-I 15-DEC-16
02 MA6251   Mathematics-II 30-NOV-16
02 GE6253   Engineering Mechanics 01-DEC-16
02 PH6251   Engineering Physics-II 02-DEC-16
02 GE6252   Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering 09-DEC-16
02 CY6251   Engineering Chemistry-II 14-DEC-16
02 HS6251   Technical English-II 15-DEC-16
03 CE6302   Mechanics of Solids 03-NOV-16
03 MA6351   Transforms and Partial Differential Equations 07-NOV-16
03 CE6304   Surveying I 10-NOV-16
03 CE6303   Mechanics of Fluids 14-NOV-16
03 CE6301   Engineering Geology 17-NOV-16
03 GE6351   Environmental Science and Engineering 24-NOV-16
04 CE6405   Soil Mechanics 03-NOV-16
04 CE6403   Applied Hydraulic Engineering 07-NOV-16
04 CE6404   Surveying II 10-NOV-16
04 CE6401   Construction Materials 14-NOV-16
04 MA6459   Numerical Methods 22-NOV-16
04 CE6402   Strength of Materials 10-DEC-16
05 CE6501   Structural Analysis I 04-NOV-16
05 CE6502   Foundation Engineering 08-NOV-16
05 CE6504   Highway Engineering 11-NOV-16
05 CE6505   Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements 15-NOV-16
05 CE6506   Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice 18-NOV-16
05 CE6503   Environmental Engineering I 29-NOV-16
06 CE6601   Design of Reinforced Concrete & Brick Masonry Structures 04-NOV-16
06 CE6602   Structural Analysis II 08-NOV-16
06 CE6603   Design of Steel Structures 11-NOV-16
06 CE6604   Railways, Airports and Harbour Engineering 15-NOV-16
06 CE6605   Environmental Engineering II 18-NOV-16
06 CE6002   Concrete Technology 22-NOV-16
06 CE6001   Hydrology 22-NOV-16
06 CE6005   Construction Planning and Scheduling 22-NOV-16
06 CE6003   Remote Sensing Techniques and GIS 22-NOV-16
06 CE6004   Architecture 22-NOV-16
06 GE6075   Professional Ethics in Engineering 25-NOV-16
07 CE6704   Estimation and Quantity Surveying 02-NOV-16

Candidates of other branch also download exam date sheet for nov/dec exams 2016 . Get anna univ time table for aeronautical engg .

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  1. I want to know 2016 arrears exam time table for 7 th semester ….my subject is design of reinforced concrete 2….
    My regulations 2008

    • am also 20008 regulation. my subject is semester 3 -TRANSFORM & PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION, Semester 7- STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2


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