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Anna Univ Syllabus for Mathematics 3 Common to all Branches R2008


Anna University Syllabus for all branches:

Anna Univ Syllabus for ECE ( 3rd to 8th Sem ) on the previous post , now download syllabus for m3 . Its common to all branches like , ECE ,EEE, CSE, IT, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, E&I, etc..

You may download syllabus for mathematics 3 or m3 syllabus for anna university under regulation 2008

Subject : Mathematic III or M3

Branch : Common to all Branches

Anna University Regulation 2008


MATHEMATICS III                                 L  T  P C (Common to all branches of BE / B.Tech Programmes)                                                                   3  1  0  4



To facilitate the understanding of the principles and to cultivate the art of formulating physical problems in the language of mathematics.



  • To introduce  Fourier  series  analysis  which  is central  to many  applications  in engineering apart from its use in solving boundary value problems
  • To acquaint the student with Fourier transform techniques used in wide variety of situations in which the functions used are not periodic
  • To  introduce   the  effective   mathematical   tools  for  the  solutions  of  partial differential equations that model physical processes
  • To  develop  Z-  transform  techniques  which  will  perform  the  same  task  for discrete time systems as Laplace Transform, a valuable aid in analysis of continuous time systems


UNIT I       FOURIER SERIES                                                                                 9+3

Dirichlet’s conditions – General Fourier series – Odd and even functions – Half-range Sine and  Cosine  series  – Complex  form of Fourier  series – Parseval’s  identity  – Harmonic Analysis.


UNIT II       FOURIER TRANSFORM                                                                      9+3

Fourier integral theorem – Fourier transform pair-Sine and Cosine transforms – Properties – Transform of elementary functions – Convolution theorem – Parseval’s identity.


UNIT III       PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS                                               9+3

Formation  –  Solutions  of  first  order  equations  –  Standard  types  and  Equations reducible  to  standard  types  –  Singular  solutions  –  Lagrange’s  Linear  equation  – Integral  surface  passing  through  a  given  curve  –  Solution  of  linear  equations  of higher order with constant coefficients.



Method of separation of Variables – Solutions of one dimensional wave equation and one-dimensional  heat  equation  –  Steady  state  solution  of  two-dimensional  heat equation – Fourier series solutions in Cartesian coordinates.


UNIT VI        Z – TRANSFORM AND DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS                           9+3

Z-transform – Elementary properties – Inverse Z-transform – Convolution theorem – Initial  and  Final  value  theorems  – Formation  of difference  equation  – Solution  of difference equation using Z-transform.



L: 45, T: 15, TOTAL : 60 PERIODS


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