Home Informations Anna Univ Exam Time Table for Aeronautical Engineering 3rd Sem,5th Sem,7th sem

Anna Univ Exam Time Table for Aeronautical Engineering 3rd Sem,5th Sem,7th sem

Anna Univ Exam Schedule

Latest Update : Exam  Date sheet for aeronautical engg & other branches has been released online on September 30th, 2015 on coe portal .

Download Anna Univ exam time table for november / december 2015 examinations u.g / p.g , be, btech, me, mtech, march, mplan porgrammes .

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TYPE                 :   ODD SEM EXAM SCHEDULE

EXAM                :   NOV/DEC 2015

SEM                    :   3RD SEMESTER, 5TH SEMESTER, 7TH SEMESTER


REGULATION : REG 2008, REG 2009, REG 2012


Check Anna Univ Exam Date for Aeronautical Engineering

Branch Name B.E-Aeronautical Engg.

Semester Subject Name Subject Exam Date Day Sessio

Code n

02 Mathematics   II                    MA2161 19-DEC-12 Wednesday AN

02 Engineering Physics II      PH2161 20-DEC-12 Thursday AN

02 Technical English II           HS2161 22-DEC-12 Saturday AN

02 Engineering Chemistry II CY2161 27-DEC-12 Thursday AN

02 Engineeering Mechanics  ME2151 28-DEC-12 Friday AN

02 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering GE2151 29-DEC-12 Saturday AN

03 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery ME2204 19-NOV-12 Monday FN

03 Elements of Aeronautics     AE2204 22-NOV-12 Thursday FN

03 Solid Mechanics                      AE2203 26-NOV-12 Monday FN

03 Mechanics of Machines        AE2201 29-NOV-12 Thursday FN

03 Aero Engineering Thermodynamics AE2202 04-DEC-12 Tuesday FN

03 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations MA2211 07-DEC-12 Friday FN

04 Production Technology     AE2253 11-DEC-12 Tuesday FN

04 Numerical Methods             MA2264 13-DEC-12 Thursday FN

04 Aerodynamics-I                    AE2251 20-DEC-12 Thursday FN

04 Aircraft Systems and Instruments AE2252 21-DEC-12 Friday FN

04 Aircraft Structures-I          AE2254 22-DEC-12 Saturday FN

04 Propulsion-I                         AE2255 27-DEC-12 Thursday FN

05 Flight Dynamics                 AE2301 17-NOV-12 Saturday FN

05 Aerodynamics – II             AE2303 21-NOV-12 Wednesday FN

05 Environmental Science and Engineering GE2021 26-NOV-12 Monday AN

05 Propulsion II                     AE2304 28-NOV-12 Wednesday FN

05 Aircraft Structures – II AE2302 03-DEC-12 Monday FN

05 Control Engineering       EE2365 10-DEC-12 Monday FN

06 Principles of Management MG2351 27-NOV-12 Tuesday FN

06 Experimental Stress Analysis AE2352 05-DEC-12 Wednesday AN

06 Wind Tunnel Techniques    AE2353 06-DEC-12 Thursday AN

06 Space Mechanics                    AE2023 07-DEC-12 Friday AN

06 Heat Transfer                           AE2024 07-DEC-12 Friday AN

06 Aircraft General Engineering And Maintenance Practices AE2022 07-DEC-12 Friday AN

06 Theory of Elasticity              AE2021 07-DEC-12 Friday AN

06 High temperature materials AE2354 11-DEC-12 Tuesday AN

06 Finite Element Method       AE2351 18-DEC-12 Tuesday AN

07 Avionics                                   AE2401 16-NOV-12 Friday FN

07 Computational Fluid Dynamics AE2402 20-NOV-12 Tuesday FN

07 Vibrations And Elements of Aeroelasticity  AE2403 23-NOV-12 Friday FN

07 Helicopter Theory               AE2025 30-NOV-12 Friday FN

07 Theory of Plates and Shells AE2029 30-NOV-12 Friday FN

07 Fatigue And Fracture         AE2030 30-NOV-12 Friday FN

07 Industrial Aerodynamics AE2026 05-DEC-12 Wednesday FN

07 Aero Engine Maintenance and Repair AE2028 05-DEC-12 Wednesday FN

07 Airframe Maintenance and Repair AE2027 08-DEC-12 Saturday FN

07 Total Quality Management       GE2022 14-DEC-12 Friday FN

08 Hypersonic Aerodynamics       AE2031 17-NOV-12 Saturday AN

08 Experimental Aerodynamics   AE2032 17-NOV-12 Saturday AN

Branch Name

B.E-Aeronautical Engg.

Semester Subject Name Subject Exam Date Day Sessio

Code n

08 Rockets and Missiles                    AE2033 17-NOV-12 Saturday AN

08 Air Traffic Control and Planning AE2035 20-NOV-12 Tuesday AN

08 Engine System And Control     AE2037 21-NOV-12 Wednesday AN

08 Production Planning And Control AE2036 22-NOV-12 Thursday AN

08 Composite Materials And Structures AE2451 03-DEC-12 Monday AN

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