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Anna University Aeronautical Engineering Time Table 2016 Nov Dec 1st 3rd 5th 7th sem exams

Download anna university aeronautical engineering exam time table for nov/dec 2016 exams of 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th semester regular & arrear of regulation 2008 / 2009 degree .

Type             : Exam Schedule
Semester    :
1st Sem, 3rd sem, 5th sem, 7th sem & 2nd, 4th, 6th Sem ( Arrear )
Session        :
Regulation :  
REG 2008 / 2009
University  :
 Anna University, Chennai Zone & Affiliated Colleges
Exam Pattern
: Nov/Dec 2016

Download Anna University Nov/Dec 2016 Exam Time Table for Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

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Download : Anna University Exam Schedule 2016

Semes Subject   Subject Name Exam Session
ter Code     Date  
01 PH6151   Engineering Physics- I 28-NOV-16 FN
01 CY6151   Engineering Chemistry- I 30-NOV-16 FN
01 GE6151   Computer Programming 02-DEC-16 FN
01 GE6152   Engineering Graphics 07-DEC-16 FN
01 GE6152   Engineering Graphics* 07-DEC-16 AN
01 HS6151   Technical English-I 09-DEC-16 FN
01 MA6151   Mathematics-I 15-DEC-16 FN
02 MA6251   Mathematics-II 30-NOV-16 AN
02 GE6253   Engineering Mechanics 01-DEC-16 AN
02 PH6251   Engineering Physics-II 02-DEC-16 AN
02 GE6252   Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering 09-DEC-16 AN
02 CY6251   Engineering Chemistry-II 14-DEC-16 AN
02 HS6251   Technical English-II 15-DEC-16 AN
03 CE6451   Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 03-NOV-16 FN
03 MA6351   Transforms and Partial Differential Equations 07-NOV-16 FN
03 AE6302   Elements of Aeronautics 10-NOV-16 FN
03 CE6452   Solid Mechanics 14-NOV-16 FN
03 AE6301   Aero Engineering Thermodynamics 17-NOV-16 FN
03 ME6352   Manufacturing Technology 21-NOV-16 FN
04 AE6402   Aircraft Systems and Instruments 03-NOV-16 AN
04 AE6403   Aircraft Structures – I 10-NOV-16 AN
04 AE6404   Propulsion – I 14-NOV-16 AN
04 AE6401   Aerodynamics – I 17-NOV-16 AN
04 MA6459   Numerical Methods 22-NOV-16 FN
04 AT6302   Mechanics of Machines 06-DEC-16 FN
05 AE6505   Control Engineering 04-NOV-16 FN
05 AE6501   Flight Dynamics 08-NOV-16 FN
05 AE6504   Propulsion – II 11-NOV-16 FN
05 AE6502   Aircraft Structures – II 15-NOV-16 FN
05 AE6503   Aerodynamics – II 18-NOV-16 FN
05 GE6351   Environmental Science and Engineering 24-NOV-16 FN
06 AE6001   Theory of Elasticity 04-NOV-16 AN
06 AE6602   Vibrations and Elements of Aeroelasticity 08-NOV-16 AN
06 AE6603   Composite Materials and Structures 11-NOV-16 AN
06 AE6004   Heat Transfer 15-NOV-16 AN
06 AE6003   Space Mechanics 19-NOV-16 AN
06 AE6002   Aircraft General Engineering and Maintenance Practices 22-NOV-16 AN
06 MG6851   Principles of Management 23-NOV-16 FN
06 AE6604   Aircraft Materials and Processes 25-NOV-16 AN
06 AE6601   Finite Element Methods 29-NOV-16 AN
06 GE6084   Human Rights 01-DEC-16 FN
07 GE6757   Total Quality Management 02-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6701   Avionics 09-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6702   Experimental Stress Analysis 12-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6007   Fatigue and Fracture 16-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6006   Theory of Plates and Shells 16-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6008   UAV Systems 16-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6005   Helicopter Theory 16-NOV-16 FN
07 GE6083   Disaster Management 19-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6009   Industrial Aerodynamics 26-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6011   Aero Engine Maintenance and Repair 26-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6012   Air Traffic Control and Planning 26-NOV-16 FN
07 AE6010   Airframe Maintenance and Repair 26-NOV-16 FN
07 ME6014   Computational Fluid Dynamics 08-DEC-16 FN

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