Anna University Exam Schedule for CSE 3rd Sem, 5th Sem, 7th Semester

Anna University Exam Schedule for CSE 3rd Sem, 5th Sem, 7th Semester

Updated: October 6th, 2012

Anna Univ Exam Date

Check Exam Date for CSE ( Computer Science & Engineering ) 3rd Semester, 5th Semester, 7th Semester of all regulations .

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CSE 3rd Sem exam time table, 5th sem exam time table, 7th semester exam schedule

Exam Date for CSE Nov/Dec 2012


Branch Name B.E-Computer Science and Engg.
Semester Subject Name Subject Exam Date Day Sessio

Code n

02 Mathematics II MA2161 19-DEC-12 Wednesday AN
02 Engineering Physics II PH2161 20-DEC-12 Thursday AN
02 Technical English II HS2161 22-DEC-12 Saturday AN
02 Engineering Chemistry II CY2161 27-DEC-12 Thursday AN
02 Electric Circuits and Electron Devices EC2151 28-DEC-12 Friday AN
02 Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering GE2152 29-DEC-12 Saturday AN
03 Analog and Digital Communication CS2204 22-NOV-12 Thursday FN
03 Environmental Science and Engineering GE2021 26-NOV-12 Monday AN
03 Object Oriented Programming CS2203 29-NOV-12 Thursday FN
03 Data Structures CS2201 04-DEC-12 Tuesday FN
03 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations MA2211 07-DEC-12 Friday FN
03 Digital Principles and Systems Design CS2202 11-DEC-12 Tuesday FN
04 Design and Analysis of Algorithms CS2251 19-DEC-12 Wednesday FN
04 Database Management Systems CS2255 20-DEC-12 Thursday FN
04 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers CS2252 21-DEC-12 Friday FN
04 Probability and Queueing Theory MA2262 22-DEC-12 Saturday FN
04 Operating Systems CS2254 27-DEC-12 Thursday FN
04 Computer Organization and Architecture CS2253 28-DEC-12 Friday FN
05 Software Engineering CS2301 17-NOV-12 Saturday FN
05 System Software CS2304 21-NOV-12 Wednesday FN
05 Discrete Mathematics MA2265 28-NOV-12 Wednesday FN
05 Computer Networks CS2302 03-DEC-12 Monday FN
05 Theory of Computation CS2303 06-DEC-12 Thursday FN
05 Programming Paradigms CS2305 10-DEC-12 Monday FN
06 Principles of Compiler Design CS2352 05-DEC-12 Wednesday AN
06 Advanced Computer Architecture CS2354 06-DEC-12 Thursday AN
06 Artificial Intelligence CS2351 07-DEC-12 Friday AN
06 Object Oriented Analysis and Design CS2353 08-DEC-12 Saturday AN
06 Advanced Database Technology CS2029 10-DEC-12 Monday AN
06 Knowledge Management IT2043 11-DEC-12 Tuesday AN
06 Numerical Methods MA2264 13-DEC-12 Thursday FN
06 Visual Programming CS2022 14-DEC-12 Friday AN
06 Advanced JAVA Programming CS2023 15-DEC-12 Saturday AN
06 Web Technology IT2353 15-DEC-12 Saturday AN
06 Embedded Systems IT2354 17-DEC-12 Monday AN
06 UNIX Internals CS2028 18-DEC-12 Tuesday AN
07 Computer Graphics CS2401 16-NOV-12 Friday FN
07 Cryptography and Network Security IT2352 20-NOV-12 Tuesday FN
07 Digital Signal Processing CS2403 24-NOV-12 Saturday FN
07 Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting MG2452 27-NOV-12 Tuesday FN
07 Service Oriented Architecture IT2401 30-NOV-12 Friday FN
07 Wireless Networks CS2045 05-DEC-12 Wednesday FN
07 Network Programming and Management IT2351 05-DEC-12 Wednesday FN
07 Mobile and Pervasive Computing CS2402 08-DEC-12 Saturday FN
07 Total Quality Management GE2022 14-DEC-12 Friday FN

Branch Name

B.E-Computer Science and Engg.

Semester Subject Name Subject Exam Date Day Sessio

Code n

07 Software Testing IT2032 15-DEC-12 Saturday FN
07 C# and .NET Framework CS2041 17-DEC-12 Monday FN
07 Data Warehousing and Data Mining CS2032 18-DEC-12 Tuesday FN
07 Real Time Systems CS2033 18-DEC-12 Tuesday FN
07 User Interface Design IT2024 18-DEC-12 Tuesday FN
07 TCP/IP Design and Implementation CS2034 18-DEC-12 Tuesday FN
08 Knowledge Based Decision Support Systems CS2057 16-NOV-12 Friday AN
08 Software Quality Assurance CS2055 16-NOV-12 Friday AN
08 Graph Theory CS2051 16-NOV-12 Friday AN
08 Distributed Systems CS2056 16-NOV-12 Friday AN
08 Indian Constitution and Society GE2072 17-NOV-12 Saturday AN
08 High Speed Networks CS2060 19-NOV-12 Monday AN
08 Grid Computing CS2063 21-NOV-12 Wednesday AN
08 Digital Image Processing IT2023 22-NOV-12 Thursday AN
08 Information Security IT2042 28-NOV-12 Wednesday AN
08 Software Project Management IT2403 03-DEC-12 Monday AN
08 Professional Ethics in Engineering GE2025 12-DEC-12 Wednesday FN